Uses and Capabilities

Annual sales projections are derived from a formula, which determines yearly sales goals and activity. Accomplishing yearly goals is dependent on field reps completing their sales activity. Tracking sales calls and keeping reps accountable is an arduous task for an organization. Please.Do Enterprise provides a simple solution to this challenge. Representatives in the field can easily snap a picture of their cold calls and meetings. The photos are then transmitted to our team, time/date/location stamped, and detailed reports are created for management.

Sales Accountability

Many organizations invest heavily in CRM systems in efforts to collect, organize and retain accurate data from their sales teams. However, there is generally a low adoption rate among users. Your CRM system is only as good as the information entered into it. We offer the first app to CRM solution which combines technology and intelligence. Your sales team simply dictates meeting notes. Once submitted, the Please.Do team will process the audio file and the information gets placed directly into the fields of your CRM system.

CRM Management

The result:

Increased productivity – Hours of time savings every week
Institutional memory – Retain important client details
Increased report accuracy & detail – Notes entered while still fresh in the users mind
Increased CRM adoption – Clients have seen adoption increase by 400%
Sales force accountability – No more excuses for not entering data
Sales force satisfaction – Increased job satisfaction, resulting in better employee retention

Road warriors rejoice!

Please.Do has revolutionized the expense reporting process. We know how time consuming and challenging submitting expenses can be for your mobile workforce. Filing receipts, calculating mileage and dispersing expenses on a report is a dreaded task and takes hours to days to complete!

Free up expense reporting time with a solution that is accurate, easy to use and is right in the palm of your hand.

Expense Reporting Solutions


Reports: Use a standard report, customize a template or submit company’s current template
Mileage: Please.Doers will calculate mileage for users
Receipts: Please.Do will file and store all receipts in our system for a time table set by you
Expenses: Record expenses immediately. Reports submitted based on pre-determined frequency
Customized Solution: Customize classes, categories, fields, etc
Limits: Set expense limits for users with notification to management
Travel & Company Credit Cards: Link company travel and corporate accounts
Unlimited Support: Specialists are always available to support and help users through the expense process

Reporting and documentation is a challenging task for your road warriors. Filling out time consuming reports only deters employees from what they are supposed to be doing out in the field — servicing customers, performing cold calling, stocking shelves, etc. Please.Do enterprise creates more hours in the day for your mobile workforce. Employees in the field can easily take a picture and/or speak information into the app. Your dedicated team of specialist will then take this information and complete all company reports and documents.

Reporting and Documentation

Travelling throughout the day is a time consuming task in itself! By the end of the business day, key knowledge and information is easily forgotten. Please.Do Enterprise provides your team with a way to retain all information from business meetings, sales call, installations and service stops. Simply use the app to record notes as soon as they leave the meeting when the information is fresh in their head. These notes are then transmitted to the Please.Do team, transcribed and sent back to the user in the form of an email- making it virtually impossible to lose key data.

Voice to Email Return

Additional Features:

Include assistants on the email notes with follow up items for them to complete
Create calendar tasks, follow up notes and appointments
Include business cards to attach information to a specific contact

Executive Assistant in Your Pocket

Give your key employees a Virtual Assistant

People on the move often need help from a personal assistant throughout the day. Please.Do is made up of a team a Doers (real humans) that can complete virtually every task, small or large. Doers can create Outlook contacts from business cards, manage the employee’s calendar and meetings, compare and book travelthe possibilities are endless.

In a sales call, every advantage helps.

Empower your sales force with a database of knowledge. Your reps can use their team of specialists to do basic research on prospective clients, businesses and industries prior to their meeting or presentation giving them a leg ahead of the competition.


Please.Do Enterprise uses state of the art technology and can easily record meetings, seminars and lectures. Once recorded, just ask our team to transcribe the recording and we will have those notes back to you via email quickly and accurately.

You also have the option to take picture or video of jotted down meeting notes for transcriptions.


  • Record meetings right from your phone
  • Never miss pertinent information
  • Easily manage notes
  • Have everything saved right in your email box

Transcription Services

Please.Do enterprise app lets employees out in the field easily manage orders from customers right from their handheld device. The Please.Do app makes it convenient to quickly fill out lengthy order forms, eliminating the need for your team to stop their day and productivity on the road OR delay orders until they are stationary at a computer.

Our team can complete your proprietary reports or create custom templates to organize and manage orders.

Additionally, orders can internally be linked to billing. Your dedicated Please.Do team can produce invoices for customers or we can send directly to your internal accounting department.

Order Management and Billing Solutions

Owning a food establishment or managing a warehouse requires regular inventory counts. This is a time consuming task for employees who have many other duties. Inventory also sometimes requires staff to come in after hours and/or forces you to close the business to perform this task.

Please.Do Enterprise allows your employees to quickly complete inventory by making a video and sending to your team of specialists. From there Please.Doers will count items and input information directly into your reporting system.


  • Free up employees time to focus on other tasks
  • Cut down on costs associated with inventory
  • Put in place a check and balances system
  • Maintain accurate data in a timely fashion

Inventory Management

Whether you employ in-house auditors or outsource and contract a team, Please.Do Enterprise supplies an effective tool to manage and communicate audit information and tasks. Audit management is a customized service designed to manage your specific projects. To learn more about how we work with clients performing audits, please contact us directly.

Audit Management

Is there an administrative burden that your organization is struggling with? Let us know! We frequently add additional and customized solutions for the companies we work with. There is no limit to what Please.Do Enterprise can do for you and your business on the move!

Additional Uses of Please.Do