Designed with one thought in mind:

making your business easier!

Please.Do is simple to use, even for the most complex solutions


How it works

Please.Do was designed with the mobile workforce in mind.

Tasks are submitted in 3 easy steps and neatly organized to be conveniently managed.

Take a photo or video

Take a picture of your notes and have them transcribed and sent back to you in a editable format.

Tell us what to do

Send it to Please.Do and tell them what you want to know about it.

Upload Image or Videos

Send Please.Do a photo of your rough design sketches and they can work it up into a more compete image.

or just simply type It.

Using the text option, describe to us what you would like to do and accomplish .

Custom Solutions

Each industry, company and division have their own unique set of administrative burdens and needs. Please.Do can be used in several different capacities and can be personalized to help your team run more efficiently and effectively.

24/7 Access to Please.Do

A dedicated team of virtual assistants to help you and your team 24/7.

Secure & Confidential

Please.Do understands that the security and confidentiality of your internal data, processes and reports is of utmost importance. Please.Do was designed with a clear emphasis on security and confidentiality. All tasks, reports and documents are held to the strictest processes and guidelines.

All tasks and information sent is transmitted via SSL, encrypted in storage and housed at our secured facility.

Security Design Details Include:

Server-side data quarantine & long-term storage
Audit trail
Penetration testing
A strict culture of confidentiality