We can do almost any task you could think of

Please.Do has one goal – be your trusted virtual assistant so you can focus on more important things.

Appointment Scheduling

Expense Report

Transcribing Audio Files

Manage Itinerary Changes

Call Meetings

Book A Restaurant

Product Research

Dispute Charges


Travel Planning

Data Entry

Transcribe Lectures

Holiday and Event Planning

CRM Input of Outbound Sales

CRM Input of License Consolidation

Type Notes

Increase productivity, spend less

Your team is only productive when they are doing what they do best!
Your field personnel can spend less time on reporting, admin and mundane but
necessary daily activities. Please.Do allows your team to be more focused on
important tasks like selling, managing and growing the business.

Streamline your back office

Please.Do Enterprise was designed with the mobile workforce in mind.
As a business with employees in the field we know how daunting and
time consuming administrative tasks can be.

Please.Do is a customizable mobile app that will increase your team’s
effectiveness and save you money while doing so.