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  • Please.Do what you love — leave the
    work to us!

    Please.Do allows you to delegate tasks to a team of skilled and efficient assistants, so that you can get hours back in your day to do what you love! Spend time with family, go for a run or watch a sporting event — leave the work to us!

  • Please.Do = Done

    Depend on your personal assistant to complete all sorts of tasks. No project is too small or too large for our Please.Doers. Feel confident that Please.Do will get it done quickly and effectively!

  • Please.Do get inspired!

    Please.Doers are real assistants! From creating business expense reports and pricing out travel options, to ordering personalized birthday cakes, your Doer can complete just about any project you desire!


Personal and virtual assistants will cost you upwards of $30 per hour. At just 25¢ a minute, Please.Do is cost effective and allows you to pay for only the time you use.

Small Business Solutions

Running a small business requires you to wear many hats. Learn how Please.Do can help streamline your day to day activities, so that you can spend time on managing and growing the business!


Please.Do is made up of a team of skilled assistants, better known as Doers. Our Please.Doers are quick, effective and are there to assist you with all of your needs.

Additional Features

From creating drafts to filing pictures and videos for future projects, Please.Do was designed to be easy to use and offers specialized features for managing your tasks.

How Please.Do Works

Please.Do is easy to use, even for the most complex tasks:

  1. Take a picture or video.
  2. Tell us what to do.
  3. Tap the "Do" button to submit. Your Please.Doer (a real person) completes your task!

Note: Please.Do requires internet connectivity. If your task does not upload successfully, please try again when you have service. Your task page will appear empty when you do not have service.

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Please.Do Enterprise

Please.Do offers reliable outsourcing and administrative services for your mobile workforce. Our Enterprise solutions are cost effective and aim to serve your business on the move. Learn how Please.Do Enterprise can be customized to empower your workforce to work smarter.

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