Additional Features

Please.Do has a streamlined user interface to provide a truly intuitive experience. It is easy to use and offers additional features for managing tasks, pictures and videos!

  • Take photos and videos, or upload pictures from your photo gallery.
  • Either type or dictate instructions.
  • Chat directly with your Doer.
  • External team of expert Doers for those tasks that require additional and specialized support.
  • Manage your tasks and monitor progress.
  • Receive task updates via email, text or app notification.
  • File pictures, videos and audio files into individual folders for reference or for future projects.
  • Create drafts and send your task when you are ready.
  • Mark tasks as 'Urgent' and skip the regular task queue for projects that you need prioritized. A Please.Doer will work on it right away.
  • For tasks that require extra security, mark them as 'Confidential.' Confidential tasks will be confined within our pool of in-house Doers.

Additional Features of Please.Do

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